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"The most secure way to make a decision concerning real estate is having all the facts."


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--Linda Spencer, President, Anchor Trust, Inc.

Anchor Trust, Inc. Goes Beyond Brokerage:

Anchor Trust, Inc. is a full-service commercial real estate firm, that specializes in helping you negotiate all the potential pitfalls that face commercial transactions. From regulations and restrictions to required studies, permits and environmental concerns. We put together a team of top notch professionals to support clients in areas such as legal, appraising, engineering, architecture and accounting. We offer a method to diagnose each property or client's needs in order to maximize their opportunity.

Anchor Trust, Inc. is based upon a commitment to go beyond what is traditionally regarded as a full-service commercial real estate firm. In addition to our brokerage services, we also offer a full range of project consulting, developing, planning and marketing. By providing a higher level of expertise and additional services, we can ensure that a given project moves smoothly and successfully from concept to execution.

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